New job – is invaluable experience and extensive opportunities. For in Your work it is important that the given tasks and responsibilities would promote Your excellence and provide space for Your self-expression. The heads of many companies name their employees as their greatest asset, because they are aware very well that the most significant achievement is determined by a competent and skillful team, rather than existing equipment or technology used.

The employees of Lithuanian and foreign companies give priority to companies with good work management, comfortable and safe workplaces and flexible work schedules. Modern companies are following exemplary practices at workplaces, clearly and specifically distributing work and responsibilities. A high work culture helps to quickly integrate into a new team and to be not just an ordinary employee, but an equal colleague or a part of a non-separable team.

Which industry sector is targeted?

The most demanded sectors in the labor market are following: construction, food industry and cleaning services. In these areas, the company has gained the greatest experience and established the of most partners and contacts. Both the employees with high skills and unskilled workers can be employed for various jobs.

Why choose?


Long term experience

The team of “Reditus LT” has accumulated more than 6 years of experience in the foreign and Lithuanian markets. We understand the legal, social and economic aspects of individual country, we are familiar with the specifics of the labor market in each country. This allows the employees to be recruited securely, providing them with legal work and all the guarantees they own.

Flexible recruitment system

Potential employees are given a lot of opportunities to work in both Lithuanian and foreign companies. The activities of “Reditus LT” relies on three recruitment models: staff leasing, contract service and direct employment.

Long term contracts

Long-term employment contracts are the main priority of the company. We are looking for reliable partners who are focused on long-term working relationships. Even if the employee is recruited for temporary work, the time period may always be extended if circumstances change.

Friendly help

Employees recruited are provided with a comprehensive assistance in dealing with travel, accommodation issues, etc.  Our employees are happy to share experiences and helpful tips on how to adapt to a new country and a new team.

The recruitment process

Staffbase collecting

It contains the staff of various skills and specialties.

Candidates selection

Upon the request, the best meeting the requirements candidates are selected. The choice takes into account work experience, available competences, foreign language knowledge, etc.

Signing an employment contract

The employment contract for the personnel leasing or services on a basis of contract is signed. When an employee is employed directly by the client of Reditus LT company he/she signs an employment contract with a direct manager of the company. Any type of employment contract identifies specific working conditions and regulates future employment relationships and administration.

End of contract

The end of the contract does not always mean the end of the work. If the employer is satisfied with the employee and has the opportunity to continue their cooperation, he initiates a new contract of employment and seeks to maintain a good employee.

Would You like to work abroad?

We will provide you with detailed information about the job requirements in  your chosen country and professional area there.