Could it be anything better than just delegating tasks, dividing responsibilities, and maintaining the quality of work, while all staff selection and administration issues are forwarded to the outside staffing company?

Due to flexibility and resource savings the staff leasing and staffing services is widespread around the world. The company manager does not need to set up a separate human resources department or hire a specialist for team formation. All staff related issues are solved by an external partner who, in case of need or contingency, can replace employees. When leasing staff or choosing staffing services, You do not need to invest in upgrading skills of employees or expensive administration systems. Wages, tax calculation and administration are also transferred to The external company.

External staffing services is a reasonable solution when:

  • expanding the activities of the company or planning a long-term, large-scale project;
  • creating temporary jobs;
  • due to savings or other reasons, the creation of new posts is undesirable;
  • the company does not have a human resources management specialist;
  • no resources for staff administration;
  • urgently needed substitute worker (their holiday or sickness).

Why to choose Reditus LT?


Long term experience

The team of “Reditus LT” has accumulated more than 6 years of experience in the foreign and Lithuanian markets. We understand the legal, social and economic aspects of individual country, we are familiar with the specifics of the labor market in each country.

Flexible recruitment system

Employers are given freedom of choice and more opportunities to recruit the specialists that are most sought after. The activities of “Reditus LT” relies on three recruitment models: staff leasing, contract service and direct employment.

A large staff base

It is easy to sample and offer the best match of qualified specialists from a large staff base. Due to the expeditious selection of personnel, there will be no need to postpone the start of work – you will be able to fulfill your obligations on time having a fully formed team.

Time and money saving

By choosing external personnel management services save Your time and money required for the selection of staff and administration of labor relations.

Friendly help

As we provide personnel management services both in Lithuania and abroad, we know that there are different situations in persons and legal entities do not fully understand each other. We help to overcome cultural boundaries, introduce the nuances of different labor markets, and help solve personal problems, provide guidance and advice.

What industry sectors we are targeting?

We have gained our greatest experience and knowledge in the sectors of construction, food industry and cleaning services. The administration staff is aware of the specifics of these areas, the legal, tax and social aspects both in Lithuania and abroad. Thanks to the accumulated huge staff database most staff solutions are implemented quickly and flawlessly. Both the employees with high skills and unskilled workers can be employed for various jobs.

Looking for new team members?

We will recommend a personnel management service that matches your needs and help you to select the best employees or to form a new team.